Disney World haunted by One Way Ghost

Disney World is a part of everyone’s childhood. Whether or not you have been there, the picture of the Disney castle is one that you remember. Disney World brought wonderful childhood memories to millions around the world, however, this doesn’t make Disney World immune to creepy phenomena.

Space Mountain is a roller coaster that is located at Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom theme park. If you have ever been on the Space Mountain ride, then you probably remember that it is located inside of a building and the roller coaster takes you to dark areas. While this ride is fun because it imitates the depths of space, it comes with a creepy legend.

Haunted Ride

There have been reports by people that spotted a man sitting on the ride. Why was this reported? By the end of the ride, before the bars were unlocked for people to leave, the man was gone. He is described as being big with red hair. He is known as Mr. One way ghost. The ghost is not seen consistently, so there is not a particular time that he can be spotted on the ride. It wasn’t just visitors that Saw Mr. One Way. Someone that worked there claimed to have seen him in a locker room.

Who is Mr. One Way Ghost

It is believed that Mr. One Way is the ghost of a man that died at Disney World in the 1970s. This leads to the question: has anyone ever died at Disney World in the 1970s? For Disney World being such a large tourist attraction with over 100,000 visitors per day, there is a relatively low amount of injuries and deaths that take place, however, errors happen. In the 1970s there were two deaths that were reported. A four-year-old died at the Cinderella Castle moat located in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1977. Obviously this doesn’t fit the description of Mr. One Way because of the difference in age. There was another death at Disney World in 1973, which was an 18-year-old male named Bodgen Delaurot. Bodgen Delaurot drowned, but his 10-year-old brother survived. It is possible that Mr. One Way could be the ghost of Bodgen Delaurot, but there aren’t many descriptions of Bodgen Delaurot available.

There have been little known recent reports of Mr. One Way ghost, but not all sightings are reported. Have you ever been on the Space Mountain ride? If you have, did you encounter Mr. One Way ghost? Who do you think Mr. One Way is the ghost of?

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The Roswell Incident

1947 was only a few years after world war 2. The early stages of the cold wars were beginning to form with the Soviet Union taking some of the European countries. This era is when the concept of ufos and extraterrestrials became mainstream in modern United States history. One of the most famous ufo sightings in ufo folklore is the Roswell incident of 1947.


Rancher W. W “Mac” Brazel was driving with his son, so it seemed like it was going to be a normal day. As the rancher drove, he caught the glimpse of light gleaming from pieces of metal. Shocked at the sighting, the rancher got out of the car to investigate what appeared to be the wreckage of some form of aircraft. He encountered brilliant, lightweight metal that was scattered across the ground. The rancher didn’t know how to get the wreckage off of his property, nor did he know what the craft was. The rancher and his son delivered the metal pieces of the wreck to Sheriff Wilcox. An investigation was officially launched.


The investigation was thorough because of the possibility of the aircraft being of Soviet Union origin. When the investigation was officially over, they concluded that the wreckage was identified as a weather balloon. Even though this was the official conclusion, many believe that this was a cover up to hide that the craft was of extraterrestrial origin. Some may ask why would they feel the need to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials? There are multiple answers for this question. The most common one is that if the public discovered that extraterrestrials were real, then there would be mass panic because of the possibility of invasion, and there are plenty of other answers to the question. It is realistic in the scenario for the government to cover it up. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for the government to lie to the public at this time considering this was the age of nuclear weapons, and other military technology being developed.


Even in this decade there are still people that believe that the crashed aircraft was of extraterrestrial origin. There have been dozens of documentaries, books, and articles written on this topic. Unfortunately, it is currently not known where the original pieces of the craft are stored. There are still newspapers that are available from that time period about the incident, however, there are very few documents that can be found by the government from that time. The general accounting office conducted an investigation on any remaining government documents from the 1947 encounter. Even though it is now required for the army to keep permanent records of aircraft crashes, this law didn’t apply in 1947. Most of the records were destroyed, and it is not known who made the decision to destroy the documents. Theorists believed the documents were destroyed to prevent the information from leaking into the knowledge of the public. Critics claim that the documents could have been destroyed to make room for new documents.

The Roswell incident is often used as the mark of modern ufo folklore. Even with all the documentaries and articles written, there are still many unanswered questions about this topic. Do you believe the aircraft was of extraterrestrial origin? Do you believe it was a weather balloon?

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The truth behind the Bunny Man Bridge

The location of the bunny man bridge is one of the creepiest places in the United States. The Bunny Man Bridge became known as a haunted place because of an encounter that allegedly happened in the early twentieth century, where a man in a bunny costume chased a driver down the road with an axe. There were also alleged accounts of rabbit corpses on the ground that were supposedly killed by the Bunny Man. In some versions of the Bunny Man legend the Bunny Man is a man in a bunny costume, and in others the Bunny Man is a cryptid.

The more popular belief is that the Bunny Man was a man that escaped from an insane asylum and dressed in a bunny costume before going on a killing spree. Douglas Griffin is theorized to be the killer in the Bunny Man costume. This leads to the question.

what are the public records of Douglas Griffin?

According to the legend, the locals complained about living so close to the asylum, so the state transported the inmates to Lorton prison. Douglas Griffin allegedly killed Marcus Wallster, which was an inmate that attempted to escape with him.

I haven’t found any records of an insane asylum in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1904 (The year of the first encounter of the Bunny Man). There were records found of Lorton prison being built in the early twentieth century. The problem is that Lorton prison was built in 1910, which is six years after the first encounter of the bunny man. There are no court records of someone named Douglas Griffin and Marcus Wallster being place transported to Lorton prison. The version of the Bunny Man being a cryptid came much later than the first encounter.

Later Decades

In the early 1970s there were claims of the Bunny Man being sighted in Fairfax County, Virginia with a bunny costume and an axe. This brought the urban legend back to life, and people feared for their lives. If the Bunny Man was really attacking people in the 70s, it couldn’t have been Douglas Griffin because according to the dates Douglas Griffin would have either been dead or too old to pull off the task. If the Bunny Man did return in the 70s, there was a different person in the suit, which could be possible considering the legend was still circulating at the time. The legend might have inspired someone to carry it out. Some people claim it is the ghost of the Bunny Man.

Even though it seems like the Bunny Man never existed according to evidence, the urban legend is not still in circulation a hundred years later for no reason. As the legend of the Bunny Man was passed down over the years, it changed multiple times, which lead to various versions of the encounter. In the public records, it turns out that there actually was a man named Douglas J Griffin. Douglas J Griffin was born in 1940 and he lived with both of his parents until his father was killed in combat during world war 2. Douglas J Griffin was smothered by his mother in the Laurianne Woods, but he survived. In the late fifties, missing children were reported to the police in Fairfax County, Virginia. Only one missing child was discovered, which was June Holober in 1964, and her body was found in the woods in Bull Run. Douglas J Griffin was questioned about the incident, but wasn’t convicted due to lack of evidence. He disappeared when he was released, and it is not known where he fled too. Some believe that he left to continue being the bunny man.

Even though public records may not line up with the traditional Bunny Man legend, could it be that the Bunny Man was real it’s just that the legend was changed over time? Could it be that Douglas J Griffin was the real Bunny Man in the late fifties, sixties, and even into the seventies. With the evidence that I found what do you believe. Do you believe in the traditional Bunny Man story? Do you believe that the Bunny Man was Real it’s just that it didn’t happen the way the traditional story explains? Do you believe that the Bunny Man never existed?

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The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill

The incident of Betty and Barney Hill is one of the most popular alien abduction encounters in modern folklore. The historic encounter happened on September 19, 1961 on U.S. Route 3. As the Hills drove back from their vacation in Niagara Falls at about 10:00 p.m. Betty noticed a light that appeared to be a shooting star. Once the light that appeared to be a shooting star became closer and brighter, Barney parked the car at a picnic area near Twin Mountain.

As Barney looked through his binoculars, he believed that it was an airplane until the light made a maneuver that wasn’t feasible for a plane. When the light descended in his direction without turning, and he saw that the craft had multicolored lights flashing, he rushed back to the car. As they traveled down an isolated road, Barney drove slowly as Betty watched the craft. The craft bounced in various areas in the sky and didn’t make a sound. Eventually as the craft got closer, their vehicle stopped in the road. Once the craft was about 100 feet above them, Betty saw 11 extraterrestrials behind the glass window. Barney managed to turn the car back on before he sped down the road. As the Hills traveled down the road, they began hearing buzzing sounds coming from the back of the car. The Hills consciousness was altered into a dream-like state.

The Hills could not move as the extraterrestrials carried them on the craft to be put through physical examination. Betty and Barney Hill were being examined by the extraterrestrials in separate rooms. Barney claimed during his hypnotic session that they looked in his ears, mouth, counted his invertebrate, and did other examinations. The claims that Betty made during her hypnotic session were like Barney’s, and she claimed that she almost panicked when she saw one of them grab a needle. They inserted the needle in her belly button, however; she remained unharmed. When Betty’s examination ended, she walked into another room in the craft.

Betty discovered a star map, and one extraterrestrial noticed her analyzing it. Betty found a book that was written in a language that didn’t look like anything she had seen before. She asked the extraterrestrial if she could keep the book as proof of the experience. After she saw the extraterrestrial speak to what appeared to be their leader, they told her she couldn’t keep the book. When Barney’s examination was over, they awoke to find themselves back in the car.

Once they arrived at their home Barney noticed that his watch didn’t work, his shoes were scrapped, and his binocular strap war ripped. They found out that their trip back home took a few hours longer than it should have. Silver circles were on the trunk of their car that influenced a compass by making the needle spin. Betty had nightmares about the incident during the following nights. The Hills didn’t want media attention at first, but after the hypnotic session the Hills became known in the media. Books, articles, and eventually a film was made based on their abduction.

Many question if the encounter really took place. Some critics claim that Betty and Barney Hill had a lucid dream. The problem is that when Betty and Barney Hill were under hypnosis; they were in separate rooms, and one went after the other. They had a similar description of the encounter. If they had a lucid dream, how would their lucid dreams be so similar. Some critics say that they could have made up the story before going to the hypnotic session for publicity, however, they had little to gain from the attention. Because of the attention of their encounter they could have lost their jobs, they could have been labeled as insane by the media, and some people might think they made up the story.

Another piece of evidence to support their claim is the star map. During the hypnotic session Betty was asked to draw the star map that she saw on the ship. At first she refused, but eventually she drew the star map. A couple years later someone decided to see if they could find a star map similar to the one she drew. The star map that Betty drew was similar to the Zeta Reticuli star system. While the star maps weren’t exactly the same, they did have similarities. This is one of the most famous extraterrestrial abduction cases in UFO folklore. Do you believe this case took place? Do you believe that the incident was a hoax?

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