Disney World haunted by One Way Ghost

Disney World is a part of everyone’s childhood. Whether or not you have been there, the picture of the Disney castle is one that you remember. Disney World brought wonderful childhood memories to millions around the world, however, this doesn’t make Disney World immune to creepy phenomena.

Space Mountain is a roller coaster that is located at Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom theme park. If you have ever been on the Space Mountain ride, then you probably remember that it is located inside of a building and the roller coaster takes you to dark areas. While this ride is fun because it imitates the depths of space, it comes with a creepy legend.

Haunted Ride

There have been reports by people that spotted a man sitting on the ride. Why was this reported? By the end of the ride, before the bars were unlocked for people to leave, the man was gone. He is described as being big with red hair. He is known as Mr. One Way ghost. The ghost is not seen consistently, so there is not a particular time that he can be spotted on the ride. It wasn’t just visitors that saw Mr. One Way. Someone that worked there claimed to have seen him in a locker room.

Who is Mr. One Way Ghost

It is believed that Mr. One Way is the ghost of a man that died at Disney World in the 1970s. This leads to the question: has anyone ever died at Disney World in the 1970s? For Disney World being such a large tourist attraction with over 100,000 visitors per day, there is a relatively low amount of injuries and deaths that take place, however, errors happen. In the 1970s there were two deaths that were reported. A four-year-old died at the Cinderella Castle moat located in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1977. Obviously this doesn’t fit the description of Mr. One Way because of the difference in age. There was another death at Disney World in 1973, which was the death of an 18-year-old male named Bodgen Delaurot. Bodgen Delaurot drowned, but his 10-year-old brother survived. It is possible that Mr. One Way could be the ghost of Bodgen Delaurot, but there aren’t many descriptions of Bodgen Delaurot available.

There have been little known recent reports of Mr. One Way ghost, but not all sightings are reported. Have you ever been on the Space Mountain ride? If you have, did you encounter Mr. One Way ghost? Who do you think Mr. One Way is the ghost of?

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