Most Interesting Encounter Contest CLICK HERE FOR RULES

The contest will include two winners. One winner will be the running winner and the other will be the voting winner.

Running winner – To win the title of the running winner members must write about an encounter that they had with either ghost, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials and ufos, creepy and strange objects discovered, creepy and strange locations (this includes but not limited to something creepy and strange that you encountered online), and creepy and strange phenomena. The written encounter must be at least 150 words, however, the more details and description the writer includes the better the chance the writer of winning. Writers may choose to include photographs, videos, or audio clips that are relevant to their encounter but are NOT required to. The contest will close on March/ 21/ 2021 12:00 PM. The voting polls will be open from March/ 22/ 12:00 pm utc to April/ 30/ 2021 12:00 PM utc. The writer with the most votes will be declared the running winner and will be awarded a $100 dollar walmart visa gift card. The running winner has one week from the winning date to elect a voting winner. Failure to elect a voting winner by the deadline will result in disqualification.

Voting winner – To win the title of voting winner you must vote for a member that wrote an encounter in the competition. You can vote for a winner when the voting polls open up between March/ 22/ 12:00 PM to April/ 30/ 2021 12:00 PM. You must reply to their written encounter with your critique. Your critique has to be at least 30 words to be qualified for the title of voting winner. The running winner will elect the best reply that meets the criteria to his or her written encounter. The voting winner will be awarded a $50 dollar Prepaid Walmart Visa Gift card.

Prepaid Walmart Visa Gift card


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Prepaid Walmart Visa Gift card


Can be used anywhere visa cards are accepted.