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Thoughts on Popular Encounters

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  • The iliamna lake monster is a cryptid that was spotted by various people in Alaska for decades. Iliamna lake is the largest lake in Alaska. The lake is a source of fish for the locals. There is a legend that is still popular with the locals about the iliamna lake monster. There have been sightings of this cryptid well into the 21 century.

    The…Read More

  • The Bunny Man Bridge Evidence Research

    The location of the bunny man bridge is one of the creepiest places in the United States. The Bunny Man Bridge became known as a haunted place due to an encounter that allegedly happened in the early twentieth century where a man in a bunny costume chased a driver down the road with an axe. There were…Read More

  • The Lizard Man is a cryptid that was spotted in Browntown, South Carolina. The first report of the Lizard Man cryptid was in 1988. Christopher Davis was a 17 year old local in Browntown, South Carolina. Christopher Davis reported seeing a 7 foot tall creature with scales, a lizard head, and three fingers. Christopher Davis claimed that he was…Read More

  • The bunny man story is a lesser known story. In the FairFax County, Virginia 1904 there was a sighting of the bunny man. Some variations of the story claim that the bunny man was a cryptid other variations claim that the bunny man was a man that escaped from an insane asylum. Due to people reporting sightings of the bunny man the police…Read More

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