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Thoughts on Popular Encounters

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  • Ohio had its share of cryptid sightings. A cryptid that was spotted lurking in the woods for decades was Orange Eyes. The cryptid is estimated to be a thousand pounds with bright orange eyes and fur. There were multiple reported sightings of Orange Eyes, but the most popular sighting was on a dark night in Mill Creek in Ohio 1991.

    Two fishermen…Read More

  • The iliamna lake monster is a cryptid that was spotted by various people in Alaska for decades. Iliamna lake is the largest lake in Alaska. The lake is a source of fish for the locals. There is a legend that is still popular with the locals about the iliamna lake monster. There have been sightings of this cryptid well into the 21 century.

    The…Read More

    • i’ve actually made a “theory sketch” on this cryptid, both the male and female versions, actually, it was a earlier this year and i’ve developed the explination enough…

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      • Your theory makes sense. The iliamna lake monsters do appear to be hunters considering how they are described to look. Some people believe these creatures to be an extraterrestrial, and others believe that it is a cryptid. Some people believe that these creatures are native to earth. Others believe that the creatures are native to another planet,…Read More

    • The Bunny Man Bridge Evidence Research

      The location of the bunny man bridge is one of the creepiest places in the United States. The Bunny Man Bridge became known as a haunted place due to an encounter that allegedly happened in the early twentieth century where a man in a bunny costume chased a driver down the road with an axe. There were…Read More

    • The Lizard Man is a cryptid that was spotted in Browntown, South Carolina. The first report of the Lizard Man cryptid was in 1988. Christopher Davis was a 17 year old local in Browntown, South Carolina. Christopher Davis reported seeing a 7 foot tall creature with scales, a lizard head, and three fingers. Christopher Davis claimed that he was…Read More

    • The bunny man story is a lesser known story. In the FairFax County, Virginia 1904 there was a sighting of the bunny man. Some variations of the story claim that the bunny man was a cryptid other variations claim that the bunny man was a man that escaped from an insane asylum. Due to people reporting sightings of the bunny man the police…Read More

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