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    Greysun32 posted in the group Thoughts on Popular Encounters

    3 weeks, 1 day ago

    The Ozark woods is an area that is in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. The Ozark woods are open for anyone to visit during the week, and it is good for camping, walking, and relaxing. There are various animals that roam these woods, however, no one expected a cryptid to be discovered.

    Since the 1950s people have been reporting sightings of a cryptid that roamed the Ozark woods. The cryptid is known as the Ozark Howler. Most reports explain the Ozark Howler as having black fur, being around four to six feet, with thick legs and horns. It is often reported as making the sound of a howling wolf. The Ozark Howler is known as the Devil Cat, even though many people claim that it looks more like a bear than a cat.

    One theory is that the Ozark Howler was really a cougar. The legend of the Ozark Howler circulated in parts of the United States for decades. Could it be that paranoia made people exaggerate the cougar sighting into the Ozark Howler? It is possible that this could be the case, however, in the late 2000s there was a case that went against this theory.

    In the late 2000s there were multiple reports of Ozark Howler sightings in the Ozark woods. There was a family that heard noises in the area that sounded like some kind of animal. They set up a camera to find out what was making the noises. The camera did eventually catch an animal that appeared to be a cougar. The problem was that when authorities investigated the footage; they claimed that there were not cougars that roamed that area. Since there weren’t any cougars in the area, some claim that it had to be the Ozark Howler. Others say that a cougar that someone had as a pet could have escaped.

    The Ozark Howler has been a part of Arkansas and Missouri folklore for decades. What do you think about the Ozark Howler? Do you believe that the Ozark Howler existed? Do you believe that it was really a bear, cougar, or some other type of animal?



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