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    Greysun32 posted in the group Thoughts on Popular Encounters

    3 years, 3 months ago

    The bunny man story is a lesser known story. In the FairFax County, Virginia 1904 there was a sighting of the bunny man. Some variations of the story claim that the bunny man was a cryptid other variations claim that the bunny man was a man that escaped from an insane asylum. Due to people reporting sightings of the bunny man the police investigated, and discovered dead bodies of rabbits in various places. One night there was a couple that were driving down a road now known as “Bunny Man bridge” due to the encounter. As they drove they noticed a man in a bunny costume chasing them as the car drove, and the top of the ax was thrown towards the car. The couple reported the incident to the police, and they investigated. Allegedly the police found the bunny man, and chased him running into a train. The story of the bunny man put fear into the locals so much that it is believed that if you go to the bunny man bridge you might see the ghost of the bunny man. Allegedly the goal of the bunny man was to kill his family. It is believed that if you go to the bunny man bridge at night you might see his ghost.

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