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    Greysun32 posted in the group Thoughts on Popular Encounters

    3 months, 2 weeks ago

    The Lizard Man is a cryptid that was spotted in Browntown, South Carolina. The first report of the Lizard Man cryptid was in 1988. Christopher Davis was a 17 year old local in Browntown, South Carolina. Christopher Davis reported seeing a 7 foot tall creature with scales, a lizard head, and three fingers. Christopher Davis claimed that he was driving home from his job, and his tire popped. He replaced his tire, and he soon had an experience that he would forever remember. He spotted the lizard man taking steps to him. He quickly ran in his car, and stepped on the gas pedal. The lizard man jumped on top of his car, however, he stepped on the breaks causing the lizard man to fly off. At first there were people that didn’t believe his experience, however, when the police investigated the situation they found damage to his vehicle. The police also discovered traces of blood. Though this cryptid is not as famous as the others the incident was covered on radio stations and newspapers at the time. A one million dollar bounty was placed on the lizard man. After the incident there were other reports of the incident in the area. The lizard man remains a mystery in Browntown, South Carolina. Will the Lizard man be seen again?



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