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    Greysun32 posted in the group Thoughts on Popular Encounters

    6 months, 3 weeks ago

    The iliamna lake monster is a cryptid that was spotted by various people in Alaska for decades. Iliamna lake is the largest lake in Alaska. The lake is a source of fish for the locals. There is a legend that is still popular with the locals about the iliamna lake monster. There have been sightings of this cryptid well into the 21 century.

    The cryptid is described to have an abnormal elongated head, fins, and usually reported to be between 15 and 30 long. There has been no official evidence of the cryptid existing, however, there are plenty of encounters that were officially reported to the government by witnesses. There are some photographs of figures that people claim to be the cryptid. Over the decades there were reports of small boats that were hit by something large in the iliamna lake. It is widely believed by the locals that the iliamna lake monster attacked the boats.

    Reports of encounters of the iliamna lake monsters first happened by the indigenous Aleut community that settled and lived in that area for hundreds of years. The sightings didn’t become widely known until the 1940s. During the 1940’s pilots reported seeing a large creature that matched the description of the iliamna lake monster. After these encounters there were more people that claimed to have seen the cryptid. In 1979 Anchorage Daily News was willing to give an award to anyone that could find proof of the iliamna lake monster’s existence.

    Today the locals continue to pass the legend of the iliamna lake monster around. Even though proof of the iliamna lake monster’s existence hasn’t been discovered many people believe the claims of the witnesses. What are your thoughts about the iliamna lake monster? Do you believe that the cryptid ever existed? Do you think people really saw a type of fish and believed that it was the iliamna lake monster? Do you believe that the witnesses actually saw the iliamna lake monster?

    • i’ve actually made a “theory sketch” on this cryptid, both the male and female versions, actually, it was a earlier this year and i’ve developed the explination enough to the point i’ve given the species a social sturcture, it’s a mix of a lion pride and a wolf pack, with their being 2 leaders, a male and a female, and they have the ranks of a wolf pack, but it’s mostly the females that do the hunting due to the males having brighter colors and angler fish head lanterns (i have no idea what those are called) that make them more visible in the water, they only develope these when they are breeding age so that’s why i said mostly since adolescent males also hunt while the ones that stay behind watch the nests, which are underwater caves that have clusters of eggs dangling from the ceiling, these clusters are cone-shaped and are similar to frog eggs
      • Your theory makes sense. The iliamna lake monsters do appear to be hunters considering how they are described to look. Some people believe these creatures to be an extraterrestrial, and others believe that it is a cryptid. Some people believe that these creatures are native to earth. Others believe that the creatures are native to another planet, and have their own society on another planet but come down to the oceans and lakes of the earth. Do you believe that these creatures are native to earth or are native to another planet?

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