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    Greysun32 posted in the group Thoughts on Popular Encounters

    4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Ohio had its share of cryptid sightings. A cryptid that was spotted lurking in the woods for decades was Orange Eyes. The cryptid is estimated to be a thousand pounds with bright orange eyes and fur. There were multiple reported sightings of Orange Eyes, but the most popular sighting was on a dark night in Mill Creek in Ohio 1991.

    Two fishermen were doing their evening work as usual. They captured fish as they sat on a boat viewing the lake. The night soon turned into a night that they would never forget when one of the fishermen spotted two bright orange lights. The two lights were lined up side by side with little space in between them, making them look like eyes. Once the other fisherman became aware of the creature, he caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared into the woods. To this date, there hasn’t been another reported sighting of Orange Eyes.

    The first encounter of Orange Eyes was in 1963 when a group of locals encountered a hairy creature that appeared to be a thousand pounds with eyes that glowed orange in the dark. When the cryptid escaped, it would be spotted again a few years later. In the year 1968, a group of children reported seeing Orange Eyes after they claimed to have chased it with baseball bats. As you can see, the sightings of Orange Eyes take place years apart from each other. This is a cryptid that is rarely seen.

    One question that some people ask is why was Orange Eyes never spotted again? One explanation is that Orange Eye is not native to Earth. In the 70s there was a UFO spotted near this area. This means that this area is not new to strange activity from beings of other planets. It is possible that Orange Eyes can be linked to the UFO case. If Orange Eyes isn’t a native of earth that would explain why he hasn’t been spotted in thirty years.

    Another belief is that Orange Eyes is a native of earth that lived below the Cleveland cemetery. According to the belief when the creature’s home was destroyed, it terrorized the locals. This theory would explain why the cryptid was seen in the same area in the few reported encounters. Even though there hasn’t been any reports of Orange Eyes physically hurting anyone, this theory could still be true because there was an animal sanctuary that was destroyed in the 1940s to make room for a highway. This could have been the original home of Orange Eyes.

    Do you believe that Orange Eyes actually existed? Which theory do you believe to be Orange Eye’s origin story? What do you think about this cryptid?



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