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  • The iliamna lake monster is a cryptid that was spotted by various people in Alaska for decades. Iliamna lake is the largest lake in Alaska. The lake is a source of fish for the locals. There is a legend that is still popular with the locals about the iliamna lake monster. There have been sightings of this cryptid well into the 21 century.

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  • The Bunny Man Bridge Evidence Research

    The location of the bunny man bridge is one of the creepiest places in the United States. The Bunny Man Bridge became known as a haunted place due to an encounter that allegedly happened in the early twentieth century where a man in a bunny costume chased a driver down the road with an axe. There were…Read More

  • Does my friend have a ghost in his house. The house that he lives in is not rumored to be haunted, but he often hears sounds of footsteps along with others sounds. I have never been to his house, but this is what he says his experience is. Do you think that there is some type of other explanation or do you believe that there is a ghost in his house?

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    I remember one time when I was a kid my parents took me to folly beach in South Carolina. At first the vacation went as planned. It was sunny day, and blue skies. Once we arrived there, I did what any kid would do. I started running to the water, and splashing in it. I always liked the beach because it was place where I was free to roam. At the…Read More

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  • What place in the United States would you say has the most cryptids. Can you list at least three locations?

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