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It happened in Flatwoods

Flatwoods is a small town in West Virginia that was relatively unknown and not talked about in the mainstream until the early 50s. During...

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The True Legend of Lora the Haunted Doll

You discover a unique artifact on the ground. You can’t help but to reach down and pick it up. After seeing that there is...

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The Sighting of Crabzilla on google maps

It is a day where you have nothing to do but relax and leave all of your issues behind you. You decide to take...

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The Ghost of Guest Room 301

You are on vacation, and after a long day, you decide you want to get some rest. You book a room at a hotel...

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Val Johnson UFO Attack

Various people around the globe have spotted unidentified flying objects for thousands of years. Some of these mysterious objects were meteors, illusions of light,...

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