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    Some Guy posted in the group Cryptozoology

    3 years, 3 months ago

    I remember one night I was traveling in Michigan down a dark road while I was returning from seeing family members for thanksgiving. I noticed that the road was dark and the only lights around were the headlights of my car. The time approached eleven, but I continued driving toughing out the last hour before I arrived home. I became lost, and as traveled down the road I couldn’t get a WiFi signal on my phone nor could I receive phone calls. I knew this dirt road didn’t look like the right direction, but I continued traveling hoping that I would see headlights coming my way. As I drove slowly I saw short beings that appeared to be about 4 in a half to 5 feet tall. The creatures had large heads that looked like a deformed human head. I caught a glimpse of them as I drove. I sped up due to being shocked. Once I arrived home I couldn’t stop thinking about what those strange beings could have been, and I had trouble sleeping. The next morning I pondered what the creature could have been. At first I believed that it was a sighting of a grey, but as I conducted more research I found an urban legend of the Melon Heads that also fit the description. I am not sure if I seen a Grey or a Melon Head, but one thing that I do know is that is a night that I’ll never forget.

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