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    1 month, 3 weeks ago

    so, i came on here to share my multi-step ufo sighting…

    so i was around 10, and i couldn’t sleep, i looked out the window to just kinda see what was going on and i looked up and there was this strand of white and red lights shooting across the sky through the trees, it was tube-shaped from what i could tell, that night was cloudy and we don’t live next to any airport that’s active at that time of night, i laid back down and eventually dozed off, but it still hung in the back of my mind when something like it popped up the next night, this time not even after my parents said good night, i looked out the window and saw a cluster of orange lights that was in the shape of a tank, and i mean an army tank, not some kind of gas tank, it was driving incredibly slow and, from the looks of it, was going through my neighbor’s yard, when i brought it up the next night i added “now i won’t be surprised if something shows up at my window tonight” and my sister said “looks like they’re coming back for you.”, but nothing strange happened after that.

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