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    Whathappen posted in the group Ghost

    3 years, 3 months ago

    I remember one time when I was a kid my parents took me to folly beach in South Carolina. At first the vacation went as planned. It was sunny day, and blue skies. Once we arrived there, I did what any kid would do. I started running to the water, and splashing in it. I always liked the beach because it was place where I was free to roam. At the beach I felt almost as if I were free from rules. At the beach I was playing and I began loosing track of time. Eventually my parents called me back because the dawn was drawing near. As we began traveling back the car had an issue that caused it to break down. Naturally my father pulled the car over, and decided to see what the problems was. As my parents were distracted the sight of the Morris Island lighthouse caught my eye. I guess curiosity got the best of me and I walked towards it without my parents knowledge. As I stepped through the sand the cold wind blew against me causing me to shiver, and I had to carefully watch each step due to darkness of the night. Even though I was focused on the lighthouse the sound of sand shuffling caught my attention. I looked over at the area with fear because I thought there was person in that area. There was nothing. After a few seconds of silence the shuffling of sand continued, and even at that young age I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it wasn’t the wind blowing the sand because at that particular moment the wind wasn’t strong. I even noticed a few areas that had footprints in the sand that wasn’t there the last time that I looked at the spot. It would have been impossible for someone else to be there with me, and for me to not see them due to the vast open area of the beach. There would be nothing for them to hide behind. I quickly ran away from the area back to the car to never return. My parents stood there angry when I arrived, and gave me a long talk about following rules as we traveled back home. The only thing that I was thinking about was the ghost at Morris Island which was something on my mind the whole trip back. As I did research on the Morris Lighthouse I came across a few pictures on the research. I even found a picture of the soldiers in the area.

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