The Creepy Legend of Mandy the haunted Doll

Dolls bring nostalgic memories back to millions of people around the globe. Dolls are nothing new and have been around for thousands of years dating back to ancient Egypt. While dolls create fun memories for many of those around the globe, some of them terrify people. There are a significant number of dolls that are believed to be haunted. One of these haunted figures sits in the Quesnel Museum in Canada.

In 1991 a doll was donated to the Quesnel Museum, and ever since the donation a series of creepy incidents followed. Employees at the museum claimed items would often disappear from one area and appear in another. Some critics say that an employee could have misplaced their items, however, if that were the case, why did it happen consistently. For example, their lunch would often not be in the area that they stored it and be found in a drawer. Employees would often claim that they heard footsteps in rooms and hallways when they didn’t see anyone there. When the staff placed the doll in a room by herself, the room was neat, but when they returned to the room, a few hours later they were in for a surprise. There were papers scattered across the floor as if someone took the papers and threw them in the air.

It wasn’t only the staff that witnessed the paranormal activity of the doll. When Mandy was placed in a glass case for visitors to see as they walked in, some visitors claimed they could see Mandy’s eyes following them. A portion of these members weren’t aware of the legend of Mandy the doll. Visitors would often claim to hear scratching on the glass case. The flickering of lights and electrical equipment was another recurring incident that frightened visitors. These paranormal incidents didn’t begin until the doll was donated to the museum.

Mandy was donated to the museum by a woman that claimed that the doll seemed to have paranormal activity. She claimed that she often heard a girl crying at night that disturbed her sleep. The sound happened for multiple nights until she finally investigated where the sound was coming from. As she walked around the house, the crying grew louder as if she was approaching the crying girl. Once she arrived at the basement, she discovered Mandy, which was her daughter’s doll, sticking out of a box of storage. After she donated the doll to the museum, she claimed that she no longer heard crying at night.

Who is the ghost of Mandy the Doll?

The materials used to make the doll and the style of it seem to point to the doll being made in Germany in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, since the doll wasn’t donated to the museum until 1991, the doll was being passed around to different owners for more than half a century. Tracking the history of the doll is nearly impossible because there aren’t any records of it, and many of her early owners passed away. It is believed that the ghost that is attached to the doll is the ghost of a girl that died in a fire while holding the doll. After death, her ghost became attached to the doll.

Even though this theory has little proof, this explanation corresponds to the incidents well. 

  • The woman heard crying in the basement that sounded like a girl.  
  • The tricks that are pulled when she moves the staff’s items around. 
  • The tantrum she has when she throws the papers around.

These seem to be actions of a child, so this theory seems to be the most realistic one. It is not known why she pulls these stunts. Maybe she wants people to notice her.

What do you think about Mandy the doll? Do you believe she is really haunted? Who do you believe to be the identity of the girl who haunts the doll? Let me know in the comments below.

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