The Ghost of Guest Room 301

You are on vacation, and after a long day, you decide you want to get some rest. You book a room at a hotel that you see has excellent reviews and looks comfortable. As you lie in your bed, the sound of something moving interrupts your sleep. As you awake, you see the silhouette of a man that is wearing clothes from a couple of centuries ago. You scream, but no one can hear you.

This is a recurring experience at the Red Lion Inn hotel. The construction of the hotel was completed in 1773. The building originally functioned as a tavern, but later it was turned into a hotel. In 1896, the hotel caught on fire. Because of the success of the hotel, it was rebuilt quickly. The hotel was passed down for generations in the same family from the time that it was built to 1968. The hotel is still in operation today and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Little do many of the visitors know that certain areas of the hotel are riddled with paranormal activity.

Haunted Activity

For decades, unexplained incidents often happened at certain places in the hotel. Much of the unexplained phenomena happened on the fourth floor. As the staff and visitors walk through the hallway, the flickering of lights often catch their attention. When the maintenance employees check the electrical equipment, they discover it is functioning properly. A couple of visitors claimed they witnessed the light switch moving on its own.

Some visitors claimed to have encountered cold spots. As they walked on the fourth floor, they came across an area that had a drastically cooler temperature than the surrounding space. It is widely believed that cold spots reveal where ghosts are positioned. The cold spots are usually in different areas, meaning that the ghost travels around the fourth floor. As we get deeper into the Red Lion Inn, we will discover the most haunted area.

Guest Room 301

When visitors step inside guest room 301, it appears no different from the other rooms in the inn. Ghosts and paranormal activity don’t cross their minds. It isn’t until the night when begin to they panic. Some visitors that booked guest room 301 claimed that while they were sleeping at night, they encountered the ghost of a man with a top hat standing over them in front of the bed. Another ghost that is usually spotted in the room is the ghost of a young girl carrying flowers.

Who are the ghosts of Guest Room 301?

Over the couple of centuries that the hotel was in business, many people booked rooms there, including presidents. With such a long history and many visitors, there is a strong chance that at least one tragedy happened that caused death. It is believed that the man in the top hat and the young girl with the flowers died when the inn caught on fire. Once the hotel was rebuilt, the ghost of the two visitors remained on the property for over a hundred years.

The Red Lion Inn became known for its paranormal activity for decades. Even in the 21st century, visitors claimed to have encountered the ghost. Have you ever been a staff member or visitor of the Red Lion Inn? If so, have you witnessed a ghost or paranormal activity? If you have, let me know in the comments below.

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