The Ghost of the Wychwood Forest

Everyone enjoys taking a stroll through the forest every once in a while, whether it is to get fresh air or to exercise. The forest is often calming because of the lack of vehicles, business, and people that pollute cities with noise. Even though the forest seems ideal for relaxation, this environment paved the way for many terrifying encounters in history.

Forests cover over 30 percent of the earth’s surface and each forest has its own unique backstory. There are quite a few haunted forests, but one forest with the most haunted encounters is the Wychwood forest. Why is this forest known for being haunted? Many visitors reported encountering unexplained phenomena while hiking through the forest. The experience of each visitor differs, however, all the encounters revolve around paranormal activity.

Encounters in Wychwood

Imagine hiking through the forest and you stop to rest. You are enjoying the scenery of the trees and wildlife, but a hand touching your shoulder interrupts your moment of rest. You turn around to nothing behind you. This was one experience reported by multiple visitors of the Wychwood forest that never even met each other. Another encounter consisted of hearing the cries of children as they were traveling in a carriage being pulled by a horse. One of the most common encounters in the Wychwood forest is the sighting of Amy Robsart.

Who is Amy Robsart?

Amy Robsart was born in 1532 in Norfolk, United Kingdom. She was the first wife of Robert Dudley, one son of John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland. At first they had a happy marriage, but unfortunately Amy Robsart died while being miserable and alone. It is not known how she died and there are many theories about how her death took place, ranging from suicide, a staircase accident, and murder. The case hasn’t been solved in centuries and may never be solved, but this incident leads to another mystery. Is Amy Robsart the ghost that haunts the Wychwood forest?

Many claimed to see her shape appear in various areas of the Cumnor building where she died. Allegedly as Robert Dudley was traveling home through the Wychwood forest, he heard the voice of Amy Robsart’s ghost laugh and tell him he only has ten days to live. Within ten days, he was no longer living. Sightings of Amy Robsart went on for over two centuries until the Cumnor building was destroyed. The ghost of Amy Robsart is now usually spotted in the Wychwood forest.

Evidence of paranormal activity

Unfortunately, there aren’t many official records of incidents involving paranormal activity in the Wychwood forest, but over the years there were many claims that weren’t documented. These incidents kept the legend alive for centuries. History books and public records prove that Amy Robsart and Robert Dudley were actual people, but many mysteries remain. Even in the 21st century visitors of the Wychwood forest claim to experience paranormal activity as they hike. There aren’t any photos or recordings of sightings of her ghost at the moment.

Do you believe the Wychwood forest is haunted? If so, do you think it is haunted by Amy Robsart? Have you ever been to the Wychwood forest? Have you experienced any paranormal activity in the Wychwood forest? If so, let me know.

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