The Ghost Reported to haunt Airport High School

Airport High School is a high school in West Columbia, South Carolina, near an airport and down the road from Midlands technical college. Many people in Gaston and West Columbia graduated from or are attending Airport High School. Airport High School was founded in 1958 and within the next decade unexplained and creepy activity would occur.

Airport High School has been renovated a few times, and the 100 and 500 hallways are the only original part of the school that remains. Students and staff members claimed a ghost roams because of unexplained activity. Alleged banging against lockers can be heard, doors closing on their own, footsteps can be heard, and phones being knocked off of the hooks. In the closet of the chorus classroom, banging against the walls could be heard. The incidents were more common when students and staff would go to Airport High School at night for after school events. At night teachers and students claimed to hear footsteps of someone behind them as they were unlocking the door to their car only to see no one standing behind them. Who is the ghost that haunts Airport High School?

It is believed that the ghost that roams the halls of Airport High School is George I Pair, who was the first principal of Airport High School from 1958 to 1962. George I Pair passed away in 1962. This leads to the question: was George I Pair really the first principal of Airport High School? Did George I Pair really exist, or is he a fictional character of the legend? I have uncovered old yearbooks of Airport High School down to the year 1970, but unfortunately yearbooks made years earlier are difficult to find. According to there was a man named George I Pair that lived in West Columbia. Here is the document that I found

George Irving Pair served time in the military, but I have found no documents of him working as a principal at Airport High School. This does not mean that he never worked at Airport High School because public records as far back as the 50s and 60s can be difficult to retrieve. Part of the legend is that the wife of George Pair continued to work at Airport High School after his death. Allegedly she said that George Pair’s ghost is there to protect students and staff members at the school. The wife of George Irving Pair was named Josephine H Pair. It is true that Josephine H Pair died after her husband according to public records. Here are the public records of Josephine H Pair

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find public records of her employment at Airport High School too, but the evidence is pointing towards George I Pair being the first principal of Airport High School. There are a few holes in some claims. For example, the doors are held open by magnets so when the power is off the doors will close. In a hall between a couple of bathrooms there is a switch that can turn off the lights in the entire hall. Even though there is an explanation for these incidents, the other unexplained events can’t be solved at the moment.

What are your opinions on the ghost that allegedly haunts Airport High School? Do you think it is the ghost of George I Pair? Do you believe that Airport High School is haunted, or do you think there is another explanation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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I think both George I pair and his wife Josephine H pair because It say when “when George died his wife Josephine was still working there after his death”. I think the only reason why George and Josephine and haunting airport to make sure that everyone at the airport high school are safe and people are hearing footsteps behind them because either George or Josephine are making sure that you make it to your car safe and nothing bad happen to you on your way to your car.

I agree with you. I graduated from airport a few years ago. I remember teachers saying they heard footsteps behind them as they walked to their cars at night. It really common to hear him in the chorus room.

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