The Goatman that Terrorized Locals

You are driving down the interstate in the evening after a long day of work or school. You feel relaxed because you completed your work and are looking forward to getting home. The feeling of relaxation becomes shattered by a loud howl that doesn’t sound like anything you heard before. You begin to feel uneasy as you drive and the sight of the corpses of dogs that appear to have been sliced with an axe on the side of the road intensifies your anxiety. Your heart beats quickly as you step on the gas pedal after spotting a half man and half goat hybrid peaking at you through the woods. You have become one out of dozens of witnesses of the Goatman cryptid.

Goats are one of the most popular animals in the world that are used for the production of goods. If you live near a farm in any region, then you have most likely seen or heard a goat. Goats were used as livestock for over ten thousand years, and the goat population continues to grow because more are being bred for the production of dairy products. Even though goats play an important role in development of human civilization doesn’t mean that sinister events surrounding a goat never happened in history.

One of the most terrifying cryptids in history is the Goatman. Goatman is described as being a hybrid of a goat and a human. He is often described as being tall with large horns that look strong enough to pierce through a person. Goatman is known for carrying an axe that he usually uses during attacks. For decades this cryptid terrified hundreds of people in various states around the United States. During the early 1960s, a couple of adults were taking a group of 12 children on a hike. It was a sunny day; the wind was blowing, and the trees were rustling. The group was enjoying nature until they walked past a cave. Days later, partially eaten corpses were rotting on the ground.

It is not known how the people in this group were killed, but many theorize that they were killed by the Goatman. While they were hiking, they walked past the cave that is believed to be the cave that the Goatman lives in. Humans are not the only species that is mauled by the Goatman. Dozens of dogs were believed to have been killed by the Goatman in the states of Michigan, Oregon, Arkansas, and other southern and midwestern states. Goatman was even spotted roaming through woods in Canada. Multiple drivers reported hearing the howls of the Goatman as they drove on certain interstates.

Evidence of the Goatman

One of the first questions that people think of when it comes to the Goatman is what is his origin? There are a couple of theories about how Goatman came into existence. One theory is that the researchers that work at the Beltsville Agricultural Research were conducting an experiment with goats. The experiment went wrong, resulting in a 7 to 8 foot tall goat and human hybrid creature. The creature escaped, never to be seen by the researchers again. I have discovered no evidence of this origin story, and the Beltsville Agricultural Research center denies that this experiment took place. Many people speculate that the Beltsville Agricultural Research center is covering the story up to avoid taking responsibility for the deaths and damage caused by the Goatman, and avoid a mass panic among the locals. If this is true that they are covering the experiment up then it is not known where they are hiding the official documents and files that cover the details about this experiment.

Another theory is that there were a group of teens that killed a goat farmer’s goats in the late 50s or early 60s. The goat farmer eventually discovered his slain goats, and he lost a lot of money. In order to get revenge, the goat farmer dressed up in a goat costume and began carrying an axe. He tracked down each of the teens that he believed killed his goats and mutilated them with an axe. No one was convicted of the murders, and the goat farmer was never caught, so there aren’t any public records of a goat farmer being involved with the murders. There are also no public records of teens killing goats.

What do you think is the origin story of the Goatman? Do you believe the Goatman existed? If not, what do you believe these people spotted and what do you think killed the people and dogs? Have you ever encountered the Goatman cryptid?

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