The Knowles Family attacked by UFO

You are driving on a road at night. You are enjoying your trip, and you see the scenery of other cars, trees, and maybe even stars. Nothing out of the ordinary even enters your mind until you see a large, vibrant light following your car. You panic and step harder on the gas pedal. Your anxiety increases once you realize that this ball of light attacks you. This scenario is exactly what happened to the Knowles family.

Thousands of people claimed to have seen UFOs and extraterrestrials in various civilizations for millenniums. Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, all the way to the 21st century, people have claimed to have been visited, seen, or even abducted by beings from other planets. Even though a good portion of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters have been proven to be hoaxes, there are many incidents that have evidence and witnesses. One of the most famous UFO encounters in Australia happened to the Knowles family while they were traveling for a vacation. Many people believe this encounter happened, and there were multiple witnesses on the road.

The Knowles family were cruising on a highway called the coastal Eyre Highway. It was around three or four in the morning as Sean Knowles was driving with his two brothers and mother. At first, the night seemed normal. He was driving in a desert area without trees or any signs of civilization for miles. Other than the desert and the night sky, the only thing he saw were other cars driving around him. His night changed when he noticed a bright ball of yellow light hovering towards their car. 

As the bright ball of light approached them, Sean increased the speed to around 125 miles per hour, attempting to outrun the light. Despite his efforts to escape from the ball of light, it caught up to them, and grey gas filled the car. The gas had temporary psychological and physical effects on them. Their voices had a lower tone, and everything around them seemed like it was slowing down. After hearing the sound and feeling the vibration of something falling on top of the roof of the car, they felt the car levitate. After several seconds, the car dropped, causing one tire on the back of the car to blowout. The Knowles family exited the car because the flat tire made it difficult for the car to move fast enough to escape the ball of light. They discovered a bush to hide in until the ball of light traveled somewhere that was out of their sight.

Similar to other UFO and extraterrestrial encounters with at least some form of evidence and multiple witnesses, this incident gained intense media coverage. In less than two days, the Knowles family was being interviewed on the news. To this day, many believe that the Knowles family was being attacked by an extraterrestrial spacecraft. When they first reported the encounter to the police department, the police thought they were likely pulling a prank or attention stunt. After investigating, the police took the case seriously.

Evidence of the Knowles family UFO attack

Some critics claim that the voice distortion during the encounter could have been due to the family having dry or hoarse voices because they were traveling through a desert for hours. The problem with this theory is that having a dry or hoarse voice isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. It is common for elementary school students to have these issues, so the odds of the Knowles experiencing these symptoms for the first time and not knowing how this sickness affects the human body are slim. There were witnesses that saw a ball of light following the Knowles. However, no one was there when the vehicle was levitating. Critics claim that the tire could have popped because of excessive speed. This claim could be true because a tire experiences an enormous amount of friction at 120 miles per hour.

That doesn’t explain why the Knowles and other drivers witnessed a ball of light following their vehicle. Some critics claim that what they saw could have been a superior mirage. In Melbourne, Australia, superior mirages are more common than in other areas. Some people respond to the critics by stating that if it was a mirage, why did it follow their vehicle so precisely for such a long time. The ball of light moved like it was being operated by a pilot.

What do you think about this UFO sighting? Do you believe that the Knowles actually saw a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin? Do you think it was a superior mirage? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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By most accounts the craft that attacked the family was about the size of a station wagon, it hovered, it had a powerful searchlight, it spewed out carbon soot and hot fumes from its engines and made a loud humming electrical noise and a vroom vroom noise. This sounds like a helicopter to me. At one stage during this 90 minute attack the family was out of the car watching the craft and Mrs Knowles drew a sketch of it. The sketch showed a craft that some people said looked like an egg in an eggcup. It had a cone shaped front and a wider body which tapered down to the rear and Mrs Knowles also drew a yellow globe in the centre of the wide body where the light source was coming from. This is exactly what a helicopter with a searchlight on looks like from underneath. To be fair to the family the helicopter was difficult to recognise, it was at at an acute angle and almost standing upright, it was shining the searchlight towards them and they were being blasted with carbon soot, dry desert dust and a strange fine chemical compound which ended up all over them and inside and outside of the car. When that fine chemical was tested it was found to be potassium chlorate which is an explosive compound used terrorists to build improvised explosive devices. I hope you are starting to get the drift to the story. The family all say that the car was hoisted of the road while they were trying to escape while they were travelling at over 100 km/hr and I believe them and there is a huge amount of forensic evidence to prove this fact. A truck driver who looked over the car later that night at a roadhouse said that the car had four dents on the roof and it looked like the car had been picked up by a magnet and that is exactly what happened. SO a terrorist group in a helicopter equiped with a powerful electromagnet attached by a long steel cable tried to murder an innocent family on an isolated highway at about 2.00 am. Of course the attack on the family was a case of mistaken identity and the real target was a private military intelligence investigator who was also out on that desert road following a terrorist cell who was planning a terrorist attack in Sydney during the 200 year celebration of Australia foundation day. That investigator had to be eliminated or the whole terrorists operation would fail which or course it did. I hope you enjoyed the truth about this bizarre assassination attempt and the evidence can be seen in detail on my Facebook page,

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