The Real Story of the Rake Cryptid

So you decide to listen to creepypastas online and you run into multiple stories that are about the humanoid creature called the Rake. You decide to listen to more creepypastas about the Rake because of how creepy the activity of this humanoid is. At night, you realize you are struggling to sleep because you can’t get your mind off of the Rake. Well, unfortunately, the Rake is a creature that might exist.

The Rake is often described as abnormally tall, skinny to where it looks malnourished, and has round eyes that are so dark that it appears like you are staring into a black abyss. This cryptid is hairless and has skin with a greyish pigment. The Rake is a bipedal cryptid, however, sometimes it crawls on all fours. Majority of the sightings of the Rake take place in the woods while it is night. The Rake is believed to be a violent creature, however, there aren’t enough real life encounters so far to come to that conclusion. 

Real Encounters of the Rake

A resident in Canada named Audrée Tanguay Fréchette was driving on the highway during the night. It appeared to be a normal night as he traveled on the quiet road until he spotted something that seemed out of the ordinary lurking in the woods. Fréchette stopped the car and recorded the creature. On the footage, the creature appears to have the characteristics of the Rake. The creature looks over six feet tall, skinny, and has greyish skin. The creature was watching a moose in such a way that it seemed like it was about to attack the moose. Some critics claim it wasn’t the Rake, it was just something that was smeared on the window. The critics failed to explain how the smudge would move if the car was parked while Fréchette was recording it.

Another encounter took place in Texas in 2017. There were three girls that spotted a creature that they weren’t familiar with roaming the woods near their place of residency. At first, they believed it was some kind of animal. When they got a better view, they thought it was a man wearing a dark hoodie. Eventually, they realized it wasn’t either of those. When a few days passed, they discovered photos of a humanoid known as the Rake. The girls noticed the cryptid had similar characteristics to the creature that they spotted. They concluded that what they spotted was the Rake.

Evidence of the Rake

Since the Rake hasn’t been encountered much, there isn’t much evidence that can be used to verify its existence. In Native American folklore, there are various creatures that are described to look similar to the Rake. The Native American legend of the Skinwalker might be the explanation for the Rake. For hundreds of years, members of the Navajo tribe reported encounters of the Skinwalker, which has characteristics that are similar to the Rake. Both creatures are tall, skinny, and are usually spotted in the woods at night. The Rake and the Skinwalker could be the same creature. If this is true, that means that this cryptid isn’t something that was recently discovered.

The Rake continues to be a popular creature in the creepypasta community. Even though it isn’t spotted much in real life, we saw that there were notable sightings that gained traction in the media. Do you believe the Rake is real? Do you think that the Rake and the Skinwalker are the same creature? If you don’t think that the Rake is real, what do you believe that these people really encountered? If you have any answers, let me know in the comments below.

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