The Sighting of Crabzilla on google maps

It is a day where you have nothing to do but relax and leave all of your issues behind you. You decide to take a stroll to enjoy the scenery outside. You are in a state of peace without a worry in the world until a sighting shatters your experience. Your heartbeat rate increases and you sweat before running away from a creature that looks like a beast from a science fiction movie. A day of relaxation and tranquility quickly becomes the most terrifying moment of your life where you are running away from a 50 foot legged crab that is swimming in the ocean.

Crabzilla is not a well-known cryptid and the amount of sightings of this creature probably don’t even reach the double digits. Despite these statistics, that doesn’t mean that this cryptid isn’t real and that no notable sightings starring this creature took place. There hasn’t been a reported case of this cryptid where someone saw Crabzilla with their own eyes. If you had an encounter with this creature, feel free to sign up at this link and tell the world about your experience.

The only notable sighting of Crabzilla happened in the previous decade thanks to google maps. A user was strolling around on google maps before spotting the silhouette of a figure under a lake. The creature appeared to be the shape of a crab. However, the size of it was far larger than any known crab species. The largest species of crab that we know of is the Japanese spider crab with legs that expand out at around 13 feet. The silhouette of this creature had legs that appeared to be around 50. A screenshot was taken of the image and it quickly went viral by appearing on news articles.

What could Crabzilla be?

Some believe that Crabzilla is the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong. They believe that a group of scientists were conducting top secret research on a crab. However, the chemicals that were injected into the crab caused it to grow. Because of the colossal size of the crab, it was able to escape. The government attempted to capture the crab, but the crab had the ability to hide deep in the ocean and elude government capture despite its large size. Eventually, the government closed the case after years of searching with no results. The legend of Crabzilla seemed to be dead until the google maps image of the creature gained media attention.

Is Crabzilla real or a hoax?

Other than the screenshot image, there is very little evidence of the existence of the cryptid. So far, no other notable sightings of this creature took place since then, and it seems like the legend is on its way to dying again. Since there isn’t any physical evidence or other sightings of this creature, proving if it is real or a hoax is a difficult task. One way that we could attempt to verify the existence of this cryptid is by finding government documents on experiments that consisted of crabs being injected with experimental chemicals. While experiments like this have certainly taken place, there aren’t any government documents found where the experiment concludes with a 50 foot crab. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone because if such documents do exist authorities wouldn’t declassify the documents soon if ever because such information would most likely cause public panic.

Another angle that we could take to attempt to verify the existence of Crabzilla is by the screenshot image itself. According to, the original image of the harbor came from bing maps. The original image didn’t include the silhouette of a 50 foot legged crab. This means that there is a chance that this photo was edited in Photoshop to include a large crab lurking in the water. Does that mean that the photo is a hoax?

Do you believe that the largest crab believed to exist was swimming in the waters of this screenshot? If so, do you think that the government should attempt to capture this cryptid or leave it alone? Do you believe Crabzilla is a threat to humanity? Let me know your answers in the comments below.

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