The True Legend of Lora the Haunted Doll

You discover a unique artifact on the ground. You can’t help but to reach down and pick it up. After seeing that there is no one in sight, you decide to keep the artifact. Your interest in the artifact leads to you placing it in your room. At first, your day seems to go normal until you notice that your light switch will randomly turn off, and your artifact is now in a different area that you know you didn’t move it to.

This is a similar case of Lora the Haunted Doll. Lora was purchased by a local for her daughter in the state of South Carolina. Lora seemed to be a normal doll like her others. One day, she noticed strange activities. It began when one night the daughter was sleeping and she felt the presence of someone standing over her, causing her to wake up. At first, she thought nothing of it and went back to sleep because she saw nothing. Her attitude changed when this phenomenon occurred more often as she spent more nights with the doll. Eventually, she began having nightmares about tragic incidents involving her and her family.

Her parents noticed a change in her behavior and asked her if anything was wrong. She told her parents about her experience for the past few weeks. She told them about the strange presence that Lora gives off and the frequent nightmares. Naturally, her parents removed Lora from her room and put her in the shed. Little did the parent know the problem was far from over. Her father worked on the house and yard often, so he took frequent trips to the shed. He noticed that ever since Lora was in the shed, the light switch would turn off by itself. For example, he claimed that he always keeps the shed light on when he knows he has to return to pick up more tools. The strange thing is that when returned he noticed the light was off. This occurrence became common after Lora was stored in the shed. Eventually, the parents gave Lora away, and she passed through a couple of hands.

Who is the ghost that haunts Lora?

According to the legend, Lora was a young girl in the late 70s or early 80s that liked to collect and play with dolls. This blonde-haired doll quickly became her favorite because the features reminded her of herself. She often took the doll with her to school, when she visited relatives’ houses, and anywhere else she had to go. One day, as Lora was sleeping in her bed, her parents went to the store. Lora woke up early and ran around the house playing with her doll. She made a mess in the kitchen by playing with equipment and she turned on the oven. Unfortunately, the oven wasn’t turned off, and the parents were late coming home because their car engine turned off and needed to be repaired.

The house caught on fire and Lora screamed as she ran to the door as she held her doll. She unlocked the lock on the doorknob, but she couldn’t reach the chain door guard on top of the door. Before the fire consumed her, she threw the doll in a mop bucket full of bleached water to save it. The parents kept the doll for a long time after their daughter’s death and claimed they began noticing strange paranormal activity.

Where is Lora now?

Currently, Lora is kept locked in a treasure box. She is locked in the box so that she can rest in peace and not cause a disturbance. The key is hidden where no one besides her owner can get to it. That doesn’t mean that strange occurrences still don’t happen. It is not enough to stop the paranormal activity of Lora completely.

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Lora the haunted doll

She is worth 1,200 cryptid points.

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